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Dukes Hotel LondonAccommodation in England

Accommodation in England is some of the best in the world, and that is the truth! Although accommodation in England can be on the pricey side, particularly London hotels, but you will surely not be disappointed. We stayed at a bed and  breakfast in London, and were positively delighted at the service that we received.

A lovely continental breakfast every morning, charming and friendly staff to take care of our every need, and tea in the afternoon, the way the English do it. Of course, we were much too busy seeing the sites to make use of this particular part of the hospitality most days, but nonetheless, when bad weather kept us in, we appreciated the  accommodation in England more than at any other time. It truly was great.

Of course, if bed & breakfast is not your style, there are plenty of other varieties of  accommodation in England for you to take advantage of. There are, of course, motels in England, as well as some of the most charming hotels you have ever seen. For those of you who are in to the idea of more exotic  accommodation in England, there are even castles that can be rented in some parts of the isles, where you and your friends can stay and enjoy yourself in true medieval splendor.

The first time I travel led in the British Isles, I actually used the cheaper kind of  accommodation in England, one known by budget travelers the world over: youth hostels. Although these are far from the most  luxurious accommodation in England, they do have many advantages over other styles of hosting. Chief among the advantages of this kind of  accommodation in England is the price of it all. You can stay from 15 dollars a night at a few of them, or at least you could when I traveled there. The downside is that you have to live in often crowded, communal settings, which can be a big downer for many people. Nonetheless, this can be an advantage. A youth hostel accommodation in England can help you to meet new people who are also enjoying traveling as you are, and that can be a great bit of fun. Nothing says a vacation has been successful like coming home with many new friends, and memories of your travels, if you ask me.


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