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 Mexico Vacation  Mexico Vacation

All-Inclusive Mexico Vacation Package for Honeymoon

My husband and I never had a real honeymoon. So, we were looking into taking a nice anniversary honeymoon vacation. On a limited budget, it may be hard to find someplace warm and tropical that won't make us wish that we had stayed home. Our travel agent kept telling us that there are some all-inclusive Mexico vacation packages that we definitely should consider. I called my travel agent and asked her to send us some of the information on this all-inclusive Mexico vacation package that she was so highly recommending.  

She did so immediately and between her brochures and information on the internet, I managed to find an all-inclusive Mexico vacation package, which actually sounded incredibly appealing. My husband really concerns about drinking water in exotic places, so I approached the subject tenderly to my husband. I told him that we could take some bottled water with us and he could drink beer while we were down there instead of water. That seemed to peak his interest a tiny bit and we spent a few hours looking at the information.

The all-inclusive Mexico vacation package that I chose included some really wonderful tours and excursions. I never realized how much history and culture Mexico offers to tourists and residents. However some of the surrounding activities which I want to have in my package were overlooked, which included swimming with the dolphins. I've always wanted to be able to swim with dolphins. It is just one of those things I have on my "to do" list.

We called our travel agent back and told her to put together a few different all-inclusive Mexico vacation packages for us to consider and throw some pricing for the dolphin swims in as well. She sounded elated that we were taking her advice and within a few hours was calling us back. She had put together four different packages for all-inclusive Mexico vacations that we could decide between. They varied in price, but all were affordable and seemed like something we definitely could enjoy. All of the hotels were attractive and all-inclusive, which was a must for us. I hate to go on a vacation and have to carry money all over the place for meals.

After several hours of debating, my husband finally agreed that we should pick one of the all-inclusive Mexico vacation package and book it. It turned out to be one of the most memorable anniversaries we've ever had and finally the perfect honeymoon we’ve never had before.


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