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Asia Vacation

Asia VacationThe continent of Asia is a fascinating place with incredible architecture and ancient history. It's a culture shock for westerners that visit there. I was very fortunate in being able to go on an Asia vacation recently. I enjoyed it very much and would love to go back there. My husband and I stayed with a friend in a suburb of Tokyo, Japan more...

Visit Hong Kong

Hong KongDuring a trip to Asia with my husband, we took a few days to visit Hong Kong. This city is one of the most fascinating places to spend time in and I would recommend it to anyone. The first thing to hit you is the energy of the place. It's a noisy, chaotic throng of people and has wonderful contrasting elements. The Chinese tradition rubs along with Western influences. more...

Better Learn How to Speak Japanese before Your Trip

Tokio scenesIs Japan a country you love to visit? Are you already planning a trip? Then you better learn how to speak Japanese before your trip. Imagine yourself being in a place where you have no clue what anyone is saying. This gives whole new meaning to the expression "feeling alone."I can honestly admit that it did happen to me. I decided to travel to Japan. more...

Find The Right Travel Luggage Before Your Trip

Finding the right travel luggage before you depart on your trip will greatly depend on where and how you will be traveling. If your journey is a weekend getaway to Paris, and you will have all the amenities provided, then you may need little in the way of travel luggage; However, if you are heading to Southeast Asia and are planning to put your roots down in Bangkok for a long time, then you can buy the biggest suitcase allowed, along with some added trunks and boxes. more...


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