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Australia Travel Guide

More and more people are considering Australia travel than ever before. There are many great places to see in Australia, and so much more to do than you may have imagined. When you go, you can find great deals if you look hard enough. I remember a deal I found once that included airfare to and from Australia as well as three domestic flights after you got there. That way, you could see quite a few places in the country at once.  If you think you may only get one chance for Australia travel, this may be the way to go.

When many people think of Australia travel, they think of visiting Sydney. Sydney is a popular destination, but it is not the only place worth visiting. When you think of Australia, think of the unique animals they have there, the great beaches, and the many natural wonders that you may not want to pass up. You will find that many Australia travel deals include some of or all of these things.

One of the most popular things people like to see in Australia is Ayers Rock. Actually, the rock is now called by its Aboriginal name Uluru, and you will find that most Australians do not call it Ayers Rock any longer. This area is actually a scared Aboriginal site, and you should use respect when you visit. You can see Uluru at sunset, which is said to be a spectacular site. There used to be a few companies that offered tours and even a meal under the stars near Uluru, though I am not sure this is still offered. You can easily find this information online if you look for Australia travel.

You may also want to visit Australia Zoo in Queensland. This zoo should be a must see for Australia travel. The zoo is owned by the Irwin family, and they have done amazing things with what was once a small reptile park. Even though Steve Irwin has now passed on, you will still find his exuberance and his spirit alive in the zoo he loved so much. The animals are in natural habitats and are highly respected and lovingly cared for by the zoo employees.

You may also want surf when you consider Australia travel. There are so many great places to do this, and the Gold Coast is one such place. Because most of the population of Australia lives near the coast, there are hundreds of beaches for you to see and discover. If you don’t want to see water or beach, you can see the Outback. This is the country area of Australia and offers some of the countries most beautiful landscapes. When you think of Australia travel, think of adventure, luxury, and amazing memories.



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