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Australian Money

Perhaps I am just jaded, but I love the colors in Australian money. Our money in the United States definitely has its appeal, but it’s so green. There have been some slight shades of color introduced into our money for security reasons in recent years, but it cannot compare to the vibrant colors of Australian money. Money from all around the world is different, and perhaps that shows how unique each country is in comparison to everyone else. 

When traveling to Australia, you are naturally going to need Australian money. Though they are also called dollars there, you should know the values are different, and they fluctuate very often. For the most part, the US dollar is worth more per unit than the Australian dollar, and if you trade in your US money for Australian money, you are going to think you just got a great deal. In reverse, you are going to feel sorely disappointed when you go back to US dollars. However, just because the values are different doesn’t mean you are getting more or less when you convert, you are just converting to their own unique monetary value.

You can get your Australian money in a few different ways. You can avoid the hassle all together by using credit cards wherever you go, but not everyone is going to take credit cards, and your particular card may not work in Australia. You can exchange your money at the airport either here or in Australia, but you will be charged a fee, and the same can be said if you go to a bank to do it. One of the best ways to get Australian money when traveling there is to use your ATM card to withdraw. You will get hit with fees, but many say they are far less than the fees to exchange money at the bank.

You have to keep in mind the difference in US and Australian money if you place an order with an Australian company. If you see that a CD costs 25 dollars AU, don’t panic. You will find that when you convert to American dollars, the price is about the same as you would pay here for a CD. You can find websites online to help you understand the difference between Australian money and US money with a few clicks of a mouse. You simply enter the amount in AU dollars, and it will tell you how much you will need to spend in US dollars. If you use a credit card to buy, the credit card company does the conversion for you.


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