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A trip to Australia should be at the top of every traveler’s list; from the wonderful seafood to the wild untamed outback, a unique experience awaits even the well seasoned traveler. Australian travel is very popular year round, with a number of options available to personalize your trip.

A fair assortment of lodging accommodations, activities, and sightseeing tours can be booked ahead of time, including Australian travel by backpack, car, camper, or recreational vehicles. Many Australian travel packages combine airfare, lodging, transportation, and select tours depending on which part of the outback you will be visiting.

Visitors to Australia come to see the fantastic cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth as well as the rugged outback of the country, which is full of adventure. During your Australian travel, you will be overwhelmed with deciding what to do first. There are many leisure activities to choose from; definitely something for every one of all ages and interests. Water sports abound with kayaking, kite surfing, and sailing, in addition to whale and dolphin watching, and lunch and dinner cruises on beautiful blue waterways, and don’t forget the Great Barrier Reef.

Fine dining prevails at romantic ocean side cafes serving the freshest seafood dishes with that great outback ambiance. You can even take a cooking class or two if you are so inclined, to learn how to master culinary skill by preparing a stunning gourmet dinner. A number of classes are offered in the environment of a private cooking retreat, or combined with winery tasting tours, a fantastic way to sample fine Australian wines. Australian travel has something for every taste, literally. Some of the finest seafood and wines in the world, paired together for you dining enjoyment! Whether dining on the ocean or on the river, or at a quaint roadside bar, it will be a unique experience every time.

If you’re not sure just what you want to do or see, check out various websites specializing in Australian travel. Visit the Australian Travel & Tourism Network at, Australian Travel Emporium at, or Walkabout – the Australian Travel Guide at for loads of great Australian travel information and general information about the country and various points of interest.

If you have never yet visited Australia, but have always wanted to go, what are you waiting for? Australian travel is where it’s at for your next holiday; truly a once in a lifetime experience like no other.  


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