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Birmingham Homes

Anyone looking into Birmingham homes in Birmingham, Alabama, will find some lovely surprises—some wonderful facts and information that contribute to the age-old mystique of the area called the “Magic City”.  Pictures featured on sites for Birmingham homes show the open, pristine, tree-lined avenues, with the classic southern gentlemen standing at the curbs with their walking canes as the horse-drawn surreys carry upstanding gentry across town to church or to market. 

That image is paralleled, of course, with the modern, digitized photos of Birmingham homes in all their pillared, turreted, dormered, and sprawling glory.The older Birmingham homes, of course, bear southern style and tout some of the most remarkable history in the nation, while the newer Birmingham homes are designed in the tradition and embellished with modernity—making for a melding of present and past that sacrifices nothing and gains much in splendor and beauty. 

In similar respect, those looking for Birmingham homes in Birmingham England, likely the namesake for Birmingham, Alabama, will find that the same combined antiquity and modernity make for a charming atmosphere.  Older Birmingham homes in England are of the classic brick and/or clapboard, and take up acres of space with their multi-floored manses and spired and gabled facades, evoking the early castle majesty and dark and dreamy atmospheres of yore.  In like respect, the newer Birmingham homes are still rich with design and functionality of the past, be they multi-units of living areas and conservatory and porch or stucco and steel studio apartments for sale, complete with what the Burmies (of B’ham) call the Juliet balcony, modernized kitchenette, and bathroom cubicle.

Birmingham homes in the US or the UK will provide everything, then, from concierge service and security video entry systems in homes in lively, friendly neighborhoods to granite countertops and slate fireplaces in homes embedded in romantic, quiet woods.  If you are lucky enough to visit to check out Birmingham homes in England, you will also have the pleasure of touring the castles, seeing Blakesley Hall, or indulging in the world-famous Cadbury World chocolate.  If you have the opportunity to tour Birmingham homes in Alabama, you must have the awesome experience of seeing the Birmingham Botannical Gardens and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.  And then again, if you have only the chance to view Birmingham homes online, by way of a virtual tour, you will still have the benefit of a visual journey through time—to antiquity, mystery, and mystique that surrounds these two classic areas.


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