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California Bed Breakfast

There are, of course, many wonderful things about a good California bed breakfast.  The homemade biscuits at breakfast, which are, yes, served in the room; the fresh bedding; the special guest dinners; the perks and amenities….  Whatever the desire or need, you can indulge in a weekend fantasy at a themed California bed breakfast.

For example, the following are just some of the possible fantasy weekend packages offered: at the Churchill Manor Bed and Breakfast in Napa Valley, you can experience the plantation in the Gone with the Wind rooms in the old southern Colonial home. The Gone with the Wind theme is also delightful at Plantation Bed and Breakfast in Lemon Grove.

At The Union Hotel and Victorian Mansion, in Los Almos, you might enjoy the Victorian age in the manse or indulge in the fantasy of the 1950s, the gypsy life, Roman antiquity, Egyptian royalty, French history, or Pirate swashbuckling.

At Leucadia Inn in Encinitas, besides having subtly placed microwave and other modern amenities, you can have the dream of your choice come true in a Tropical setting, in the Hollywood Nostalgia room, on an African Safari, or by way of the décor that takes you to Nantucket, Calypso (style), or New Orleans.

The Splash Spa in Los Angeles has the infamous cave, the Monte Carlo, and the Jungle Room, as well as rooms ala the Mediterranean, Barcelona, and Japan.  But note that this California bed breakfast is not really a b&b but an “hourly” place to stay for a quickie or short rest (and, of course, spa treatment).

With the California bed breakfast, you can appreciate the amenities, can be coddled by old world cuisine and courtesy and charm of the caretakers, and can find appeal in anything from the attractive views, the ambience, or the general atmosphere.  But further, with the themed California bed breakfast, you come away with a memory of having gone back in time, gone forward in time, and having gone into the lives and spirit of another…be it Elvis or Scarlet O’Hara, an astronaut or a Neanderthal or a thug. 


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