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Salmon Fishing BCCanada Fishing and Adventure Vacation

Have you ever been to Canada? If not – you have to go, so many places to visit and things to do and see during Canada vacation! There are plenty of tourist attractions in this second largest country in the world - from Alberta to Quebec to Ontario to BC (British Columbia). Add Manitoba, Vancouver Island, and Newfoundland.  Then consider specific tourist attractions as the awesome Niagara Falls, the stunning Banff National Park, and the equally majestic Jasper National Park. You definitely cannot cover all of them on one Canada vacation, but you have plenty options to choose… Are you adventurous type? Do you like outdoor activities? Then you certainly should plan Canada fishing vacation. Some wild regions of Canada attract thousands fishing and hunting lovers from around the world.  Don’t you always want to try fly fishing of salmon fishing? It is very difficult to find better place for fishing than Canada. Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and British Columbia are the most popular destination for fishing in Canada. You always can find good Canada fishing vacation deals and Canada fly in fishing trips on Internet, just check it now!

Besides fishing on your Canada adventure vacation you can go hiking, waterskiing and sporting, Take the challenge to scale the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson, in British Columbia. Go kayaking, boating, or whitewater rafting down the longest river in Canada, the Mackenzie, which starts in the Northwest Territories and ends up at the Hudson Bay.

And if you want to relax, you always can include visiting of great Canadian cities in your Canada adventure vacation, just check Internet first to find good deal on hotels in Canada. Visit the big cities in Quebec; buy art from the locals or the Inuits; take in a culture fair or festival with the Canadians who live up to their country’s name, Canada, or Kanata, village, or indulge in some of the hottest clubs and hot spots. Catch a hockey game with the Edmonton Oilers—five-time Stanley cup champions.  Try the French-Canadian cuisine, the maple syrup, the galumpies (what my Mom calls them, anyway) and the gallettes.

In fact, don’t forget, such brilliant comics as Mike Myers, Caroline Rhea, Tom Green, Dave Foley, Jim Carrey, John Candy, Phil Hartman, Dan Akroyd, Tommy Chong, and Martin Short all hailed from Canada, so your Canada vacations, should they for some ungodly reason be lacking, could include a visit to a local comedy club!


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