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Jacobs Creek Australia   Australia

Jacobs Creek

When we think of Australia we commonly picture the Outback. Koala bears and kangaroos fill the image of the country in our minds. I am among the many westerners who visualize the country in this way. Jacob’s Creek vineyard is beginning to change our view of the land down under. Now when I think of Australia, I think of wine.

Jacob’s Creek is among a number of wineries emerging into the mainstream of wine enthusiasts around the world. The past two decades have witnessed a revolution of Australian wines storming across the seas and into our homes. Some of the most popular wines that are yielded from the great country are produced by Jacob’s creek.

This label has become a household name among those who enjoy a good glass of wine. It is difficult to try new wines without a little apprehension. Wine is not cheap. Even the most economically sound brand still carry a significantly large price tag compared to non-alcoholic alternates to dinner and party beverages.
Jacob’s Creek is of good value because it is a drinkable wine that is sure to please nearly every palate but it will not leave you in tears at the cash register. This popular winery ships its stock to over sixty countries around the world making the label one of Australia’s most well-known producers and distributors. The emergence of Australian wines into the world-wide market can be in some part attributed to the fine quality and affordable prices offered by Jacob’s Creek.

Don’t let the screw wine caps deter you, either. The new innovation is merely an alternative to the traditional wine cork. The cap has a cork embedded inside of it. There is no need to use a wine opener. There is no fear of cork floating in the bottle and you can easily re-insert the cork into the bottle top with little effort.

Right now Jacob’s Creek offers a number of different wines but three of them stand out above the rest. The Grenache Shiraz of 2003 is an award-winning wine that is a favorite among those who enjoy a sweet, fruity wine. Those who prefer a little bit of a peppery taste in the wine may opt for the Shiraz of the same year.

I usually prefer a Riesling from Germany or Pennsylvania but Jacob’s Creek offers a magnificent Australian Riesling that can stand up to any offered around the world. The Jacob’s Creek version boasts a hint of citrus in its undertones which is very refreshing.

The next time you are in the wine section of your local liquor store make sure to give the Australian wines a little bit of your time. Make an investment in the Jacob’s Creek label. You will not be disappointed.



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