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Learn Italian In Italy

I had been studying Italian for several years, but getting no where.  It was like I just hit a dead end.  Sure, I knew all about Italian language and Italian culture, but I never learned to speak like a native speaker.  The idea of learning Italian in Italy had not even occurred to me, to tell you the truth.  Oh sure, I knew in theory that the best way to learn Italian was to learn it abroad, but it had never occurred to me that this was something that I could do myself.  Still, one day, seeing my frustration, my teacher suggested that I learn Italian in Italy.  I thought about it day and night for a week.  It seemed like such a fabulous opportunity, but I had never traveled on my own, and was a little bit scared, to tell you the truth.  Still, all in all, I knew that the only way to meet my language goals was to learn Italian in Italy.  I decided to set off as soon as I could.

A lot of people, when they decide to study Italian in Italy, choose the city they go to based on what they want to see.  For me, however, the decision was much simpler.  You see, I have relatives in Milan, so I knew that if I was going to learn Italian in Italy, or live with them.  I actually found a study abroad in Italy program that was located near their part of town, which made everything so much more convenient.  I knew that I would have some advantages over most people who decide to learn Italian in Italy.  Not only would I have my Italian language classes, but I would have my family to keep me company and show me everything that they knew.  It is so much easier to learn Italian in Italy when you have family there to show you how to speak it. It turns out that I was one of the best in the whole class.  There was no one there whose Italian improved as fast as mine did.  I feel bad about bragging, but it was such a great accomplishment for me after so many years unable to improve my Italian skills.  Still, I did not know anyone whose Italian did not improve after studying Italian in Italy.  By the end, we could all speak almost exactly like a native speaker.  It was one of the best times of my entire life.


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