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Napa Valley  Napa Valley 

Napa Valley Bed And Breakfast

When we think of California most of us typically picture sunny skies, beaches and palm trees. I do not. I picture a hilly landscape filled with grapevines. The hills are embraced with wineries filled with the finest wines available in the United States. Of course, I’m thinking about Napa Valley.

Finding a nice Napa Valley bed and breakfast is not very difficult. There are a lot of fine establishments in the area that promise great accommodations and luxurious amenities. However, none compare to the Queen Anne Mansion. This is the epitome of the ideal Napa Valley bed and breakfast. Many people flock to this great get away for good reason.

The Queen Anne Mansion was constructed way back in 1886. Many people didn’t even know that such magnificent structures as this Napa Valley bed and breakfast were built in this region so early in American history. The estate captures the look and feel of the Victorian era and its visitors are amazed at its lovely construction and design.

The Victorian gardens created on the property of this Napa Valley bed and breakfast are truly breathtaking in form and design. The gazebo that rests on the property is a great feature that mimics the Victorian feel of the mansion and the beautiful fragrance from the rose garden can be detected in any one of the 17 rooms in the Napa Valley bed and breakfast. This is a great place to stay.

Each of the 17 rooms has a private bath which is a rare find even in this neck of the woods. The heated swimming pool and relaxing spa also make the Queen Anne Mansion a top notch Napa Valley bed and breakfast. The Victorian décor is carried into the guestrooms and you almost feel as if you have taken a step back in time.

Even though you feel as if you have entered another time and place this Napa Valley bed and breakfast has just about every modern day amenity you can imagine. There are gas fireplaces in some of the suites and whirlpool tubs that promise to relax and comfort you as you take time to treat yourself to a nice, hot soak.

Dining is not neglected at the Queen Anne Mansion. This retreat offers meals that will make you want to move into the house permanently. The on-site restaurant provides the most exquisite meals and the Napa Valley bed and breakfast also pairs the meals with outstanding local wines.

If you are planning a stay in California, skip the Sunset Strip. You will find a more relaxing time at the Queen Anne Mansion, the ultimate Napa Valley bed and breakfast.


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