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 New York City Dinner Cruises New York City Dinner Cruises 

New York City Dinner Cruises

So you’re off to the Big Apple? Manhattan is great. It’s almost a world onto itself and it’s easy to forget that it’s actually an Island. I try and visit several times a year and I have to admit that it’s impossible to get bored there. New York hotels and New York restaurants are finest in the world, I always enjoy hospitality and diversity of the city. There are so many fun and entertaining things to do including going on one of the New York City dinner cruises. I first heard about these from the concierge of the hotel I was staying at. I asked him for some interesting New York dinner ideas. I thought he’d recommend a nice Italian restaurant or perhaps one of the delis in the neighborhood that embody the spirit of the city. Instead he mentioned the New York City dinner cruises and explained exactly what they entailed.

The idea was great. Having dinner while cruising around the island seemed wonderful; especially since it was early fall and the weather was still warm. I was concerned that all of the available New York dinner cruises would be booked, but the concierge helped me find one for later in the week. It was even more spectacular than I first imagined it would be. The cruise was set to cast off just before dusk. We knew that the New York City dinner cruises would include a wonderful gourmet feast but we had no idea how enchanting the view would be.

We were taken around some of the most well loved and best known landmarks in New York. The Statue of Liberty looks even more striking close-up and in the moonlight; she’s certainly a sight to behold. We also got a great view of the skyline of Manhattan while we enjoyed our New York dinner. Seeing the Empire State Building all lit up against the evening sky was a memory we won’t soon forget. Enjoying our meal aboard one of the New York City dinner cruises was by far the best dinner we’ve had in or perhaps I should say, around the city.

We were able to take pictures while on the cruise which was a wonderful way to save the memories. Some of the other couples aboard the cruise were from Europe and seemed to be enjoying the view even more than we were. We were able to share a picture with them as well, which made the night even more special. Our visits to Manhattan are always filled with adventure and fun but we’ve made a pact that we’ll be certain to take one of the New York City dinner cruises each time we’re there. It was a night we’ll never forget, so we’re determined to experience it again and again.


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